Voluntary Work in Belarus

In December 2017into January 2018, I will continue to take time out to do voluntary work in Belarus with my husband, Dave, who is a builder.

We’ve been involved with Belarussian people since September 1993 when we met two professors of English (Jacob and Dmitri) from Minsk State Linguistic University on the streets of Exeter.  We became good friends and I have visited them on numerous occasions over the years.  I set up Exeter Children of Chernobyl from 1995 to 2003 which provided month-long recuperative holidays in Exeter for children affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

We return this year, for a month, staying in Marina Gorka, a country town about 40 kms from Minsk, and in Gomel.  Our stay will be self-funded and voluntary, but if you would like to contribute or join with us, contact me.

To make contact: 

While we are away, I will be picking up emails sent to gill.smith@dpassist.co.uk and info@dpassist.co.uk, and can be contacted by my on-line Skype business number 01392 580046 at normal local or national rates – standard voicemail messaging system – leave a message and I will contact you.