Mediation Service

I trained and qualified as a Mediator in 2008, under the tuition of a London Barrister, covering a wide range of conflict situations from neighbourhood to organisational disputes.

Having had a strong leaning towards seeing conflict situations resolved through fair and honest communication, mediation echoed a core value that I have held for many years, which is that of maintaining people’s dignity and self-esteem in any and every situation.

My background is as a qualified tutor, but I also have experience in project management and pastoral work which enables me to have a good understanding of work-related and personal relationships.

Mediation, or Conflict Resolution as it is also known, gives each party the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe, non-threatening environment. My role as Mediator is to remain impartial, whilst enabling the conversation to have forward movement with the intention of achieving a positive outcome, decided and agreed by both parties.

This process can be achieved in a much shorter time scale and at a fraction of the cost, in comparison to legal proceedings, not forgetting the time and emotional investment this requires for both parties.

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