Hello Belarus!

Arrived in Lithuania on Friday 17th October – Bristol to Kaunas flight with Ryanair.  Great flight, all smooth-running. No problems. Stayed overnight in Kaunas then train to Vilnius, and then Minsk.  Trains clean, spotless, and on time (if only I could … Continue reading

Arrival of Summer

Arrived in Belarus on the 26th April, to discover that spring has arrived, followed swiftly by summer. We’ve enjoyed participating in the Belarussian celebrations of Easter (celebrated twice here), watching Victory in Europe parades (which were very moving) and their … Continue reading

Farewell Belarus Until Springtime

Our remaining days in Belarus included celebrations of their second Christmas.  On Christmas Eve (6th January) before we left Marina Gorka, we received two surprise visits to our flat from traditional Kolyedari people who go door-to-door singing Orthodox Christmas carols and asking for “hleb and kalbasa” (bread and sausage).  We gave them sweets.

7th January we went to Brest Pentecostal Church,  attended their second Christmas nativity service and were reunited with Vassily Kreydich and a few of the young people who came to Exeter through our charity “Exeter Children of Chernobyl” back in the 1990’s.  It was a joyful and memorable occasion.

8th January Dave and I made our way back to the UK, leaving the snow behind, with stopovers at Warsaw, Hannover and Calais, and arrived home on the 11th January.