Arrival of Summer

Arrived in Belarus on the 26th April, to discover that spring has arrived, followed swiftly by summer.

We’ve enjoyed participating in the Belarussian celebrations of Easter (celebrated twice here), watching Victory in Europe parades (which were very moving) and their May Day celebration in Marina Gorka.

Our voluntary work continues at the Rehab Centre at Puchavichi, helping to remove polythene from a greenhouse, and demolish another so that the wood can be re-used to repair the first one, that’s used to grow cucumbers to raise funds for the Centre. Dave and I are trying to work out a way of experimentally making up a large polytunnel using plastic plumbing pipes and polythene.  If successful it means the men can grow their own vegetables for the winter (mainly tomatoes for pickling).   We’ve also started work on a new ceiling in the second half of the Centre using recycled plastic boards, helped by one of the men who’s living there.








Real progress has been made with our Rachel and Artem Piatrovich’s new house.  Dave has been helping them with the foundations and the concrete arrived today!  Here’s a PDF file of progress so far….

Rachel and Artems New House








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