Data Protection and Mediation Training Days

We provide practical full and half-day training events on how to manage Data Protection compliance in your organisation or business.  These events are designed to increase your confidence in working with Data Protection law and effectively manage compliance and requests for access to information.  They can assist you when dealing with Data Protection queries and complaints.

They include practical activities to aid understanding and put the theory into practice.  Excellent opportunity to share experiences with fellow practitioners. 

Price for Full Day Training Days is only £110 per person with a discount of £15 per person if three or more attend from one organisation. No VAT is charged.

Preparing for the New General Data Protection Regulation

The new Regulation must be implemented by May 2018.  This workshop focuses on what the Regulations say and how to prepare for them as well as we can, dependent on current information from the government and the Information Commissioner’s Office.  It includes the requirements of the new Data Protection Bill as announced by Government in their latest Statement of Intent.

Our next training days will take place in March/April of 2018.

They include:

  • Communicating privacy information – fair processing, identifying a legal basis
  • Conditions for Processing and special category data, children’s information
  • Privacy impact assessments and privacy by design
  • Obtaining and evidencing consent
  • Notification – internal record of information held
  • Individual’s rights expanded
  • Managing information security and data breach notifications
  • International requirements – sending information overseas
  • Data Protection Officer requirement (for some)
  • Exemptions (from information currently available)
  • Enforcement – Offences and monetary penalties – includes data processors
  • Law Enforcement Regulations for public sector
  • Preparing an Action Plan

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Objectives: To aid understanding of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation as they are revealed to us, and assist with effectively preparing for its implementation in readiness for May 2018.

Get to Grips with Subject Access – Managing Requests for Information 


  • Outline of the Data Protection Act 1998 and how the right to see what information is held about you works with other rights
  • Includes briefing on preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation such as deadline changes, information about how long you retain personal data, data portability….

Legal Requirements:

  • What are personal data and what must be provided?
  • Identity checks
  • Timescales
  • Making information accessible and intelligible

Managing Requests:

  • To charge or not to charge – fees
  • Requests from someone acting on someone’s behalf
  • Information relating to other people – how far should you go to seek consent?
  • Public Authorities – how subject access applies to you
  • Exemptions and refusals explained
  • Practical tips for reducing the number of requests you receive.

Objectives:  To focus on how the right of access works in practice, to increase your confidence when dealing with requests, and making decisions about what information to provide or withhold. 

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Mediation Training Day – “How To Bring Resolution in Conflict” with Julie Hodge (Teacher, Mediator and Restorative Justice Practitioner)


To  offer principles for resolving conflict situations that can be applied in a range of situations.


To build trainees’ confidence in handling conflict situations.

The day includes practical activities designed to aid understanding and put the theory into practice. An excellent opportunity to share experiences with fellow practitioners.

Price is £110 per person, with discounts if three or more three people attend from your organisation.

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