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DP AssistA place where you can find the practical support, advice and assistance you need. We’re here to help you and your organisation ensure compliance with Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation and maintain best practice.

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Training Events in Exeter, Devon – Spring 2018:

  • Preparing for the new General Data Protection Regulation.  A practical workshop on getting ready for its application on 25th May next year.   It includes the requirements of the new Data Protection Bill as announced by Government in their recent Statement of Intent.

  • Get to Grips with Subject Access – Managing Requests for Information – Now and how to prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation’s additional requirements.

  • Mediation Services and Training Days on Mediation – How To Bring Resolution in Conflict are also available.The price for all-day Training Days is £110 per person (no VAT is charged).

I will be taking an extended winter break and will return to the office on the 22nd January 2018.

Contact us at info@dpassist.co.uk for future dates and locations.

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For more information about DP Assist services and training, contact Gill Smith at info@dpassist.co.uk.  Telephone 07548 606520.